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My Favorite Cardmaking Supplies

Greeting cards are one of my favorite things to send to others to show that I’m thinking of them. I’ve enjoyed getting lost in the greeting card aisle and taking the time to find that special card. But now that I have a Cricut machine, I love getting lost in my own process of creating cards from scratch!

I personally design the lettering with the Procreate app on my iPad and use my Cricut Explore Air 2 to cut the images out, but the supplies below are what’s most helpful when it comes to cardmaking.


I’m not a fan of using Elmer’s school glue or glue sticks when I make cards. The standard Elmer’s glue doesn’t have a narrow enough tip so the glue gets everywhere and glue sticks don’t work well when it comes to getting in between letters.

The game changer supplies for glue come from Tombow. They have an assortment of glue products that I can’t live without. (And no this isn’t an ad! I just LOVE their products.)

Their glue tape gives a quick and clean stick to the edges of paper, and I don’t have to worry about glue leaking out of the cards. It’s sort of like those old school white-out correction tapes. The next glue product that I adore is their liquid glue because it has 2 tips: a broad tip and a pen tip. I exclusively use the pen tip to get to the narrow parts of my design. The last glue product is one that I discovered recently during a Joann run, and it’s the glue pen. I just started using this, but I love how fine the tip is for those extra tiny parts.

Scoring Board/Stylus

When I first started creating cards, I had a difficult time folding the sheets of paper in half. I was always stressed about holding them in half perfectly without any odd creases. I later discovered what scoring boards and bone folders were, and my life changed! No, they have nothing to do with sports. A scoring board is a board that has increments with grooves, and a bone folder is the tool that helps score and create crisp creases and folds on your paper. I have a scoring board from EK Tools and it comes with a bone folder and an alignment triangle. If you have a Cricut machine, you can also use their scoring stylus, which is a huge changer for folding paper. It provides a smoother and even crease than a scoring board and bone folder.


I don’t have a favorite brand of paper, but I like 12” x 12” cardstock with a weight of 80lb (216 gsm). Its heavier weight gives a more sturdy and premium feel. One of the best parts of going to crafts stores is checking out their paper section and finding unique designs to incorporate into my work!

You don’t have to purchase these supplies, but they are nice-to-haves when it comes to making cards or really any DIY craft! I hope you find this helpful and maybe I've introduced to you some game changing art supplies that you weren’t aware of before! If you have any crafting recommendations for me, please comment on my post. I would love to discover and try out new art supplies!


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