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We're Engaged! - A Polaroid Proposal

We’re engaged! Actually we’ve been engaged for exactly two months today! It was the perfect and most creative proposal. He honestly made me feel so special and loved that I wanted to share it!

“Let’s bring your Polaroid camera to Erika’s birthday party tonight after our date. Oh, and we should grab an extra cartridge of film,” he said. I thought nothing of it.

We love exploring new places, and Descanso Gardens in La Canada Flintridge was a picturesque place to check out. The Rose Garden had beautiful spots to take photos at and we adored the California Natives section. Throughout the hour, we took several Polaroids. I wondered why we were taking so many photos and “wasting” film.

When we got to the Japanese Garden, he asked me to take a Polaroid photo of him on the red bridge.

“Sure,” I exclaimed.

“Oh wait. We ran out of film. We need to open a new one,” Michael said as we took a new package out and replaced it. “Now we are ready.”

I took a few steps back and took a photo.

“Take a look at the picture,” he yelled.

“Why? It’s going to take a minute to develop.”

“Just look.”

Instead of a photo of him, it was a pre-loaded Polaroid of his bitmoji saying “Marry Me?” I immediately bawled as he then got down on his knee and proposed. Of course I said YES. He told me to take another photo. Out came another pre-loaded Polaroid of my own bitmoji exclaiming YASSS!

Michael shared with me that he spent weeks trying to figure out how to propose to me. I take my Polaroid with me on special and fun occasions. And for his birthday this year, I made personalized Polaroid party favors. He came up with the idea of preloading a Polaroid camera with a message. After many failed attempts, he figured it out!

I honestly did not imagine being proposed to in such a unique, creative, and thoughtful way. We ended up taking some photos around the Garden with our friend who hid in disguise and took photos of the entire proposal!

We ended our day with a surprise engagement party at Panasia Sweet & Savory in Alhambra. Family and friends flew and drove from New York, The Bay Area, Seattle, and Greater Los Angeles. The planning and decorations were made possible by four of our amazing friends, Jonathan, Ashley, Erika, and Catherine. The day wouldn’t have been possible without them. It was the perfect, creative, handmade, and thoughtful proposal for the two of us.

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