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My experience at Calligra Fair 2018!

Calligra Fair was amazing! It was a two-day event on October 13 and 14 that featured live demonstrations from calligraphers. Demos included traditional and contemporary scripts, lettering, and painting techniques. There were also vendors that sold unique and specialty calligraphy items. I came across the event through Smitten on Paper's Instagram post. I was immediately intrigued and clicked on the event to learn more. I was astonished to see that the people I follow would be at the event. How could I say no to meeting my calligraphy idols!?

What I loved most about Calligra Fair was it's welcoming and encouraging vibes. I went to the event alone so I was pretty nervous, but the organizers and attendees immediately made me feel at ease. I felt comfortable to introduce myself to others and connect with them on Instagram.

Sharisse (@piecescalligraphy) was the very first calligrapher I discovered, so I was most excited to meet her. I loved that I was able to meet her and talk to her. I never thought I would! We briefly talked about how we got into calligraphy, life, and her cute kids! She also shared some calligraphy tips with me.

Smitten on Paper has a very cool and spacious location. I wish I took more photos to show you all. Once you enter, you are greeted and receive a folder and a simple, yet elegant itinerary. To the left of the entrance is the shop that is filled with pens and tools. There was also a space to grab a SoP-designed card and mail it out for free (for this event only)! To the right of the entrance were the vendors. There were so many items I wanted to buy! And towards the back were the demo hall and study hall. I watched the demos there and also caught a demo of their printing press.

I absolutely loved meeting Nina Tran (@anintran). She has the kindest heart. I had just met her and she wanted to give me a hug!

I am obsessed with watching Shelly's (@lettersbyshells) Instagram videos. I enjoyed her iPad Lettering demo. It was so informative and I loved how she shared a lot of tips and tricks! I don't own an iPad, so it was so cool to see what you can do with it and the Procreate app! The holidays are around the corner, so maybe it'll be a Christmas present for myself!

I had recently discovered Nicole (@nicolemiyuki) and her books! I appreciated her Mindful Lettering demo. I try to practice mindfulness on a daily basis, so it was very cool to see how she carries out mindful lettering.

I didn't realize how amazing Younghae (@logos_calligraphy) is until I watched her demo. She makes flourishing letters look so easy and polished. Her demo was just so beautiful! I absolutely cannot wait to take her Fearless Flourishing class once it reopens in 2019!

I hadn't heard of Priscilla (@bypriscillalee) until this event. I dabbled in watercoloring myself last year, but it never stuck with me, so I was delighted to watch her Watercolor Illustration demo.

It was such a fantastic opportunity to meet and learn from my calligraphy idols, and I can't wait to attend the event again next year!

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