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Hello, I'm Christina! Nice to meet you.

hello! by sweetyippie! crafts

My first blog post... so I'm going to try NOT to stress over the pressure of publishing my first post. But first, whoever you are, thank you for visiting my site!

With this blog, I am building up the courage to share my creativity and just be open with others with my artistic journey. I am by no means an expert in crafting. I am learning, playing and exploring crochet, calligraphy, diy crafts, and whatever else piques my interest. After months of making excuses and delaying this launch, I am FINALLY doing it. So please be kind and share your comments, thoughts, and love with me!

Some quick & fun facts about me:

  • I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. I've been living in Los Angeles, CA for about seven years now

  • I am always, always craving sushi

  • Besides my parents, all of my family members thought my real name was Christine. They didn't learn the truth until I was maybe 10... and they all still call me Christine. Even my parents. (Huh?)

  • I can get so obsessed with a song that I'll play it on repeat for days on end

  • I will never say no to fries

with love,


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